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Haiti: First University-level solar cooking course, and promotion by students

The Big Picture

Goal: $20,000
  $10,000 raised
SHE, as part of a ten-member consortium, is developing and teaching the first solar cooking course at a Haitian University. This course aims to enable students to disseminate solar cooking practices and technology in nearby communities. Solar cooking classes began in Fall 2018 for students at the University of Notre Dame of Haiti at Hinche (UNDH-H). Twenty-two biomedical and nursing degree students enrolled for this University-level elective course. The course taught both theoretical and practical aspects of solar cooking, and featured many solar cooking expert guest speakers, thanks to video conferencing by representatives of the ten consortium members who developed the course textbook and syllabus. Students learned the science and history of solar cooking, solar cooked food on different types of solar cookers, learned to make their own solar cookers, and created financial self-help groups in nearby communities to lay the ground for future solar cooker manufacturing and sales.

Impact of Your Donation

Donations will be used to launch the second year of the solar cooking course,incorporating lessons learned from the first year, and allowing students to do field work in Tilori, a town where solar cookers have been used for over 5 years. Funds will also be used to explore the option of starting a social enterprise at the University to sell solar cookers and biogas cookstoves locally.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Technology, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Poverty, Gender & Equality, Microfinance
Countries Served: Haiti

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