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Graffiti Abatement in Alachua County, FL

The Big Picture

Goal: $100
  $10 raised
The more social disorder and graffiti in a neighborhood, the louder the message is sent that "nobody cares." This sets off a vicious cycle that encourages further crime in affected neighborhoods. Keep Alachua County Beautiful (KACB) has a dedicated staff member whose sole purpose is the removal of Graffiti in our neighborhoods. A donation to this endeavor will help KACB with the supplies necessary to make removal possible. Research has shown that a neighborhood without blight has higher property values and less crime, aligning with our goal to keep our community beautiful.

Impact of Your Donation

Any donation to Keep Alachua County Beautiful will be used to further our mission to beautify, conserve resources, recycle, educate and preserve our community's environmental legacy.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Disaster Relief, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, Poverty
Countries Served: United States

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