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Give Access to a Class on Agriculture Training

The Big Picture

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Along with clean water and reducing diseases, food security is one of the highest priorities for any human. Malnutrition is a leading cause of sickness and death in Cambodia. Most villagers want to learn how to grow crops and raise animals that will provide their families with a greater diversity of foods, ones that are plentiful and nutritious. Trailblazer Foundation provides ?Homestead Garden Training,? which focuses on the basics of growing crops for personal and family consumption. Trailblazer Foundation?s Food Security program is focused on improving the quality and quantity of food our rural partners eat, thereby reducing the villagers? hunger and poverty.

Impact of Your Donation

Our Cambodian staff conducts these two day trainings with 10 - 15 participants in each Agriculture Training course, which take place in the villages where the participants live. Much of the information we provide to the trainees comes from what our staff has learned through our on-site agriculture research and development test plots. The trainings cover composting/organic fertilizers and pesticides, horticulture/soil management, and livestock theory and practice.

$50 for agriculture training

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Economic Development, Food & Agriculture
Countries Served: Cambodia

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