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Give a Child a School Uniform

The Big Picture

Goal: $1,500
  $375 raised
Help provide school uniforms to rural Cambodian student, which takes the burden off their families. Education is free in Cambodia, but there are requirements. One of those requirements is to purchase uniforms for their students, which many families can?t afford.

Impact of Your Donation

Trailblazer Foundation works with the poorest communities in Cambodia's Siem Reap Province - home to the world renowned Ankor Wat Temple. Working with our partner villages, we provide products and services they need for a healthy, bright future. In that spirit, we would like to provide 2 sets of uniforms for school students. We must have 100 uniforms before we can make a delivery to insure there are enough uniforms for all the students in need.

$15 for one student uniform

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Education
Countries Served: Cambodia

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