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Fund a Preschool for the entire academic year

The Big Picture

Goal: $1,500
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In Guatemala, many young indigenous children do not speak Spanish and do not have access to preschool. They are not prepared to enter elementary school at age 7, which leads to high first grade dropout rates. Let's Be Ready is an innovative program working to change that! Let's Be Ready hires and trains local licensed teachers to deliver quality preschool programs where there are none, or where preschools are extremely overcrowded. They work closely with local administration and parents to develop the program, and count on the community to provide a classroom or other space to hold classes. For $1,500 you can sponsor a Let's Be Ready preschool room for the entire academic year.

Impact of Your Donation

The program is run completely on donations. Each school has a sponsor, often an individual or community group. Costs for one session are $1500 for the year and two sessions are $3000 which predominantly covers a monthly donation to the teacher. Teachers receive a raise in donation for each year of experience. Any additional funds are used to purchase supplies in Guatemala. All of the administrative costs are covered at this time.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Education, Poverty
Countries Served: Guatemala

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