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Food security, environmental conservation and income diversification in Chiapas

The Big Picture

Goal: $15,000
  $5,000 raised
In this project Amextra supports Tzotzil indigenous families in the municipalities of Chalchihuitn and Aldama, Chiapas, Mexico to produce their own food and prepare it in a healthy way, reduce the contamination of the land, increase the productivity of fruit trees and corn plants, and to diversify their income through innovative projects that allow them to access new markets. The project addresses these three areas because communities have identified that they are the most important ways to allow them to cover their basic needs and achieve a better quality of life. A central element is the strengthening of local leadership. In this project we are training the 10 local promoters in the three strategic themes: health and nutrition, environment and income generation so they can continue the projects with their own resources and also share their knowledge with nearby communities.

Impact of Your Donation

Nutrition: we will use donations for maintenance of equipment that measures the weight, height and hemoglobin levels in 120 women and share with the families information on a balanced diet, preparation of healthy foods and breastfeeding. Environmental conservation: we will provide maintenance ecological stoves and bathrooms and hold 2 reforestation events. Income generation: we will provide further textile workshops on making products more competitive in national and international markets.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Environment, Poverty, Gender & Equality, Food & Agriculture
Countries Served: Mexico

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