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Food and Healthcare for 450 HIV+ Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia

The Big Picture

Goal: $110,000
  $50,000 raised
Over 1 million children have been orphaned in Zambia - most due to AIDS. Since 42% of the population lives in extreme poverty, it is hard for families to care for its orphans. Many orphaned children live in grandmother or child headed households with little or no education and income. As a result, families are not able to provide adequate care. This program provides food, medicines, and a package of life saving health care services to 450 HIV+ children and training in HIV care and prevention to family members. The package includes regular health checkups, psychosocial counseling, education in prevention of HIV, and training and monitoring in adherence to medication. The high-quality continuous care provided leads to an improvement in the children's health so that they can attend school. Steps taken toward HIV prevention.

Impact of Your Donation

Donations will be used to provide food, medicines, regular health checkups, psychosocial counseling, education in HIV, training and monitoring in adherence to medication to children and primary caregivers.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Education, Health, Poverty
Countries Served: Zambia

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