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Endangered Species - Speaking for those without a voice

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Let Kids Be Kids supports, volunteers and advocates to help protect endangered species across the globe. We were very involved with Washington state Initiative 1401 which passed with a greater than 70% margin in every county in the state in November 2015. It will help protect ten species from the sale of their parts. We support Woodland Park Zoo, Audubon, Wild Horses, Little Bit Program, Sierra Club, Earthwatch, Save the Elephants, and others, in order to speak for animal protection and animal rights through education, public speaking, articles, photography and video.
The pandemci makes our work even more crucial
Buying "Friends" on Apple Books will be contributed ( Net profits ) to the Woodland Park Zoo - Conservation Projects
Please see our website Let Kids Be Kids where there are links to video, photography and articles explaining more in depth our commitments.
Please help.
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Disaster Relief
Human Rights
Conflict Resolution
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