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Meeting The Needs of Flood Victims in Sierra Leone

The Big Picture

Goal: $250,000
  $85,100 raised
In Freetown, Sierra Leone, rain, torrential flooding, and landslides often result in the loss of property and in some cases even the loss of life. When these unfortunate incidents occur, we provide support in 4 dimensions:

Psycho-social counseling:
We are offering psychosocial counseling to the victims. The victims are very grateful to have someone to talk with.

Toiletries, Clothing, and Food:
We are providing emergency supplies including bath soap, toothpaste, sanitary pads, toothbrushes, pampers, clothing, slippers, and water.

Remedial Supporting Activities for the Kids:
We are meeting the broader needs of the kids - providing classes for 350 kids. This is helping them to redirect their attention and energies.

Housing Assistance:
We are helping victims cover the costs of housing for a year.

Please join us in restoring hope by making an individual or corporate donation today.

Impact of Your Donation

Donations will help to provide

1. Psycho-social counseling,
2. Toiletries, clothing, and food,
3. Remedial supporting activities for the kids:
4. Housing assistance

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Disaster Relief, Health, Poverty
Countries Served: Sierra Leone

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