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Digital Education Toolkit

The Big Picture

Goal: $100,000
  $75,000 raised
Our digital education toolkit is bilingual, engaging and empowering. The heart of the toolkit is the Institute?s bilingual book and curriculum: Stone Soup for the World: Life-Changing Stories of Everyday Heroes, or Pan Y Vino Para El Camino. This book includes 100 heartwarming, action-oriented stories featuring multicultural people from 29 countries and 65 communities. Pan Y Vino Para El Camino is the only bilingual education curriculum targeted to young and emerging leaders. The Institute?s educational curriculum that accompanies this book is easy-to-use, versatile and adaptable. The curriculum includes a lesson plan for each of the 100 stories. Each plan includes a leader?s guide, audiotapes and videotapes. The lesson plans are self-paced and flexible, and provide step-by-step instructions for integrating these stories into academic programs and community service projects.

Impact of Your Donation

Donations will pay for research, writing, social media, education and videos to expand and promote our digital education toolkit.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Arts, Children, Technology, Disaster Relief, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Poverty, Conflict Resolution, Gender & Equality, Microfinance, Animals, Food & Agriculture, Spiritual Poverty, Luxury Troubles
Countries Served:
All 36 countries:
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