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COVID-19 Relief for Children and Families in Nepal

The Big Picture

Goal: $1,000
  $0 raised
Since the pandemic began, NYF has leveraged our existing facilities, resources and expertise to address the urgent humanitarian needs of children and families in Nepal. We?ve also kept most of our core programs running with as little interruption as possible. Your gift for our COVID-19 Relief Project will provide pandemic-proof humanitarian aid through COVID-specific programs like Lito for Life, Community Nutrition Kitchens, Access to Education, Ankur Counseling Center partnerships, and the Emergency Lifeline Halfway Home for Women. For specific details on each program, please visit our blog: www.NepalYouthFoundation.org/blog

Impact of Your Donation

Your gifts will: ensure healthy meals for the children in our care, provide flexible educational scaffolding for students during the lockdown, offer safe spaces and PPE for women who need to quarantine, and give invaluable tele-counseling for children and their caregivers.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Disaster Relief, Human Rights, Poverty
Countries Served: Nepal

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