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Case Management

The Big Picture

Goal: $318,000
  $118,000 raised
Our case management program begins with rescue efforts from pimps, traffickers, stabilization, mental health services, placement in jobs, schools & colleges. Case management clients work with us for 4 years and about 50 hours of online tutoring are required to successfully pass the GED.

Access to independent living/transitional housing require documents in a order & a job & college enrollment. 1) birth certificate with application & check, 2) social security card & interview, 3) Government Identification requires application and appointment with DMV. Some DMV offices require proof of residency and enrollment in high school. Maternity homes require proof of pregnancy, detox programs require public health insurance & sober living requires completion of detox.

Our tutored students are unable to attend regular school because of trauma and chaotic lifestyles. Case management is critical to the stabilization required to escape prostitution.

Impact of Your Donation

Donations will be used for direct expenses of clients salaries for case management and, for tutoring Nationwide.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children
Countries Served:
All 14 countries:
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