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Cambodian School and Educational Support for Human Rights Abuse Survivors

The Big Picture

Goal: $15,000
  $2,100 raised
Cambodian children who have been victims of human rights abuses such as human trafficking, abuse and exploitation are some of the most vulnerable due to stigma and the significant emotional needs from their trauma. Hagar works to remove all barriers for the children to recover through counseling an case management services, and by helping poor families pay for school fees, uniforms, school materials, and extra tutoring when needed. Without such supports, many children drop out of school and start working before they are teens, thus trapping them in poverty and placing them at higher risk for future exploitation. Providing such support helps to ensure at least 270 human rights abuse survivors have access to improved educational outcomes this year
and promotes their ability to secure meaningful jobs that will properly support their families in the future.

Impact of Your Donation

The $15000 will help to support at least 270 human rights abuse survivors and those at very high risk in Cambodia to have access to education by covering their annual school fees, school uniforms and materials, tutoring and pyscho-social support through counseling and case management services.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Economic Development, Education, Human Rights, Poverty, Gender & Equality
Countries Served: Cambodia

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