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Afghan Trafficking/Abuse Survivor Care

The Big Picture

Goal: $12,000
  $3,000 raised
Hagar brings healing to women and children who have endured human trafficking, gender-based violence and abuse in Afghanistan, and helps them to overcome significant cultural stigma they face as a result of the traumatic events. Counseling services and case management supports are offered to every woman and child referred to Hagar, and we do "whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to restore lives to wholeness". Hagar is an expert in providing trauma informed care to those who have suffered such extreme human rights abuses. Hagar International started in 1994, and an office was opened in Kabul in 2008. The Afghan team offers an array of services including safe accommodation, legal supports, counseling, case management, access to health services, education and economic empowerment. Our holistic treatment approach sets Hagar apart in Afghanistan and the region.

Impact of Your Donation

The funding will cover costs associated with counseling and case management support for Afghan human rights abuse survivors. The Transitional Care Center in Kabul provides healing supports to help survivors of human trafficking, gender-based violence and abuse to recover and thrive again safely in their communities. Hagar is a specialist in trauma care and serves traumatized women and children who are referred for services by government ministries, police, and NGOs.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Economic Development, Education, Health, Human Rights, Poverty, Gender & Equality
Countries Served: Afghanistan

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