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Adopt an Orphaned Chimpanzee for a Year!

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You can make the difference in the life of a chimpanzee! To care for one of our special residents costs $5,000 a year. When you "adopt" a chimpanzee, your donation helps to provide healthy meals of fresh fruits and vegetables, highly skilled veterinary care, necessary medications, loving daily care from our dedicated caregivers, enrichment activities, and a safe and natural forested environment where they can live a lifetime with their adoptive chimpanzee family! Your compassion, dedication and donations make their rescue and care possible!

At Sanaga-Yong Rescue, our chimpanzees live in lush, forested enclosures - free to climb trees, run, play and form strong, loving bonds, but we need your help to continue to provide the highest quality of lifelong care.

Please visit sychimprescue.org for photos and bios of the chimpanzees, to learn what an Adoption Package includes and to submit an online adoption form. Thank you!
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