Pamela Hawley

Founder and CEO

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Why I am involved: “ At the age of 12, I witnessed extreme poverty in Mexico. From this experience grew a lifelong commitment to service through social entrepreneurship. In 1999, I expanded my commitment as well as my understanding of the sector through international service trips and volunteering opportunities with various NGOs.”

Sonali Arurkar

Director of Product Development

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Why I am Involved: “During frequent trips to India, I saw the dire living conditions in which much of the world's population lives. I also became acutely aware of the effects of poverty on children while serving on the Board of Directors of UNICEF. Convinced that philanthropy and community involvement can break the cycle of poverty and significantly improve lives, I see UniversalGiving as a vehicle to effect meaningful change around the world.”

Claudia Frere

Director of Corporate Services

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Why I'm involved: “ UniversalGiving provides relationships and connections for global social issues. I love being a part of a vision that is helping to alleviate social issues by taking action now. ”

Tricia Collins

Director of Operations

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Why I'm Involved: “ Many people have the desire and intention to donate and volunteer in communities of need. Their primary obstacles are access to quality opportunities, and trust that their aid will be given directly to those who need it. Universal Giving is the perfect remedy to both of these uncertainties, enabling people to move from intention to action. I'm honored to be a part of it. ”

Anne Sweeny

Operations Manager

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Why I'm involved: “ I have a passion for recognizing gaps and doing whatever I can to bridge divides, whether between Science and Art, Nature and Nurture, Brain and Heart, the cultures of Korea and America, or the worlds of Corporate and Nonprofit. This curiosity and drive to create common ground among all living beings has led me to UniversalGiving. The vision of UniversalGiving, to create a world where giving and volunteering are a natural part of everyday life, is in perfect alignment with my hope for a unified world in our lifetime. ”

Kevin Hall

Special Projects Assistant to CEO

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Why I am involved: “I think the most important thing in life is our relationships with other people. That extends to people we don?t necessarily know. I?m just happy to be part of an organization that helps heal the collective relationship of humanity.”

Kimberly Pointer

Marketing Associate

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Why I'm involved: “ Universal Giving embodies all I hope for in the global community. It is a tool bringing those in need, in touch with those who wish to help, all of which is done with astounding ease. Therefore, this service highlights the interconnectedness of our world, not the differences. This idea is paramount to my involvement and my ultimate hope to help promote peace. ”

Audreanne Ranz

NGO Associate

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Why I'm Involved: “ UniversalGiving's NGO Partners inspire me everyday because of their dedication and innovative programs. My international travel and volunteering experience has afforded me a unique perspective on issues facing our global community. I am fortunate to be involved in part of the solution, creating a world where giving and volunteering are natural parts of everyday life. ”

Sovannary Chea

Client Relations Data Specialist

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Why I'm Involved: “Due to the poverty in Cambodia, I faced many painful experiences. These unforgettable incidents inspired me to work with vulnerable people. UniversalGiving gives me the opportunity to make a difference in the world.”

Mark Johnson

Engineer Consultant

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Why I am Involved: “I am excited by the potential of information technology and the global network to change the nature of philanthropy, and to ameliorate the suffering in less advantaged parts of the world.”

Dave Shapiro

Web Developer

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Why I am involved: “The organizations richest in compassion for our global community, tend to be the poorest in regards to the technology necessary to deliver it in the 21st century. I feel I am in a unique position to help by contributing my professional talents and gladly do so knowing that the rewards I gain in the process are more than just monetary.“

Max McCormick

(full bio)

Max McCormick is the founding engineer of UniversalGiving. Max met Pamela in 2001 and worked probono for several weeks to help brainstorm about the website, create the data model, and build the service. While involved in a host of other creative engineering and musical projects, Mr. McCormick continues to stay involved an support UniversalGiving.

Volunteers and Special Contributors

Sarah Johnston

PR & Marketing

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Why I am Involved: “ The internet combined with the will to do good and the desire for change can be a powerful combination. There are many charities out there but few that 'get' Web 2.0 as much as UniversalGiving. I am proud to be involved with such a forward-thinking group of people who genuinely want to make a difference and want to make giving and volunteering as accessible as possible. As we say on our blog Philanthrobuzz, 'Giving is easy...if you know how.' ”

Oumung Mehrotra


(full bio)

Why I am Involved: “I'm with Mr. Thoreau: 'Things do not change. We change.' I couldn't pass up an opportunity to build software for everyone to work together and change together. For me, that's what UniversalGiving is about.”

Mark Lieberwitz

SEO Marketing

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Why I'm involved: “At the end of the day, working towards 'making giving and volunteering a natural part of everyday life' gives me a satisfaction that no other job previously has. UniversalGiving gave me the opportunity to expand, and put to use, my online marketing skills for a meaningful and worthwhile cause.”

Ian Long

Duke University Representative

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Why I am involved: “After spending time planning and implementing projects abroad I wanted to learn how the process works stateside, specifically how one goes about building the connections between people who want to help and those organizations that need their assistance. There's no better place to learn this process than Universal Giving.”

Emily Stehr

Princeton University Representative

(full bio)

Why I am involved: “I am excited about UniversalGiving's capacity to reach a large population with the message that individual citizens can make a difference in the colossal human rights crises they read about in the newspaper or hear on TV news broadcasts each day. Timely topics such as refugee plight and the injustice of human trafficking are the focus of some of the top-quality NGOs with which UniversalGiving partners and thus makes it easy for everyone with internet access to aid. I am so thrilled to be with UniversalGiving because I think it helps to make everyone's altruistic visions quickly and efficiently become a reality.”

Debi Gunders

(full bio)

Debi Gunders advises UniversalGiving on marketing and brand strategy initiatives. In her role, Ms. Gunders works extensively with UniversalGiving's public and corporate services to design, develop and expand targeted marketing strategies.

Sandra Lieu

As a UniversalGiving volunteer, Sandra Lieu assists with research and administration. Sandra graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in Economics and Psychology. She is extremely committed to community service, and she has actively volunteered for organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Habitat for Humanity. Sandra currently works at UCSF and continues to pursue her strong interest in public health.

Austin Smith

(full bio)

Austin Smith's undergraduate years at Princeton introduced him to a rich diversity of ideas that opened the floodgates to his intellectual curiosity. His love for exploring questions and issues continues to inform his worldview.

In Memory

Pawel Modelewski

Pawel Modelewski first joined UniversalGiving in the Summer of 2005 while on a student exchange program from Poland. He was quickly promoted to Special Projects Advisor for the CEO at UniversalGiving due to his sincere desire to serve both the organization and our worldwide communities.

Pawel's unique role included relationship management, database customization, and specific projects for the CEO. Perhaps more than the excellent quality of his work, it was the cheerful and dedicated way in which Pawel approached his daily tasks that has most impacted UniversalGiving. Pawel's enthusiasm, love of learning, and zest for life touched all of us on the UniversalGiving Team. A cherished colleague and friend, Pawel is missed. His contribution to UniversalGiving's vision and culture are irreplaceable; his gentle, kind spirit continues to inspire us in our daily efforts to serve others.


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