Pamela Hawley

Founder and CEO

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Why I am involved: "At the age of 12, I witnessed extreme poverty in Mexico. From this experience grew a lifelong commitment to service through social entrepreneurship. In 1999, I expanded my commitment as well as my understanding of the sector through international service trips and volunteering opportunities with various NGOs."

Ayuko Picot

Director of Operations and Recruiting

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Why I am involved: Having grown up in Japan and the US, I have been passionate about international service since a young age. In college, I studied abroad in Senegal, and through my graduate studies, I traveled multiple times to West Africa. Through these trips, I further developed my strong interest in working at an organization like UniversalGiving to collaborate with international NGOs and to address global poverty.

Aung Ye Tun

Senior Associate, Product Development

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Why I am involved: My interest has always been to combine my passion for social change and technical skills to assist various nonprofits prior to UniversalGiving. Previously, I served as a Data Analyst for Farmer's Business Network assisting agronomists develop an online social platform. During college, I supported a education nonprofit for people with developmental disabilities as a Software Engineer Intern.

Samantha Baker

Executive Assistant, Office of CEO

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Why I am involved: Volunteering has always been an integral part of my life. Every summer, I work for North Star Quest Camp for Adolescent Girls, which is a NGO run by a team of staff and counselors encouraging female empowerment. For many years, I've also raised funds for hospice. I joined UniversalGiving to continue to support non-profit organizations and their positive social impact.

Allison Kemp

Manager of Operations

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Why I am involved: My career in the nonprofit world is a testimony to the regard I have for philanthropy and serving a purpose bigger than myself. In 2012 I was able to travel to Malawi, Africa where I witnessed extreme poverty and economic instability which had a profound impact on passion to help humanity. I am excited to be a part of the UniversalGiving team where I can contribute my skills on the national and international scale.

Evin Elif Baysal

Operations Associate

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Why I am involved: She always tries to participate any projects related to Humanitarian volunteering and raising public awareness of Human?s Rights and Women?s Rights. She joins UniversalGiving as UniversalGiving is one of the greatest places to volunteer.

Arjay Gervacio

Executive Assistant

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Why I am involved: It's a privilege to be part of UniversalGiving because it gives me an opportunity to be involved in an organization that aims to help people that are in need. Since I was a kid, my parents taught me to always provide assistance and I am thankful that UniversalGiving opened its doors for me. I am well-motivated to use my skills and contribute to the company's goals.

Iya Tikhomirova

NGO Services Fellow

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Why I am involved:

Chika Shimizu

Public Relationship, Intern

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Why I am involved: At first, I was volunteering at Nepalese International School in Tokyo. There was a gap between what volunteers and potential volunteers needed to know. I would like to learn the skills to close that gap. Also, I agree with UniversalGiving?s belief that a diverse team will serve the best to our diverse population. I hope I can contribute to UniversalGiving?s achievement to society.

Bob Vic

Office of the CEO

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Why I am involved: Giving and volunteering have always been my life passion. I always want to contribute to the world with my best efforts. UniversalGiving has a very unique way to help the society. I am very enthusiastic and grateful for getting this opportunity to use my skills to support UniversalGiving's mission.

Ryoko Tazawa

EA/NGO Services Intern

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Why I am involved: She has an interest in knowing about developing countries since she was a child. She keeps thinking about how to contribute and be the change at the back of her mind which sometimes causes problem. She always wanted to join an international organization so that she could take action to solve her thinking problem. Even though English is not her native language, she has lot of hope that she can contribute to the world of giving. She wants to increase her knowledge about NGO, developing countries, and idea of Universal Giving's members.

Heejin Hahn

UG Ambassador

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Why I am involved: I approach social justice with the firm belief that every cent donated and every initiative launched have great meaning. My passion for high-impact giving brought me to UniversalGiving; I admire the Quality Model? vetting process and the collaboration with the corporate world in CSR services. I look forward to joining the UniversalGiving team in transforming the landscape of giving and entrepreneurship.

Regina Camacho

UG Ambassador

(full bio)

Why I am involved: Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose because I get to help others in so many ways. It's something that is a really important part of me. I am currently in a sorority that's main value is volunteering and community service, so it has helped me find others who value it as much as I do and helped me find new opportunities to help others. I also admire the social enterprise aspect of Universal Giving and it's an amazing opportunity to see how this new business model is developed.

Volunteers and Special Contributors

Max McCormick

Max McCormick is the founding engineer of UniversalGiving. Max met Pamela in 2001 and worked pro-bono for several weeks to help brainstorm about the website, create the data model, and build the service. While involved in a host of other creative engineering and musical projects, Mr. McCormick continues to stay involved and support UniversalGiving.

Rupa Bose

Financial Consultant

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Why I am involved: "I appreciate the opportunity to work with Universal Giving, which is doing such good work. It's really a privilege."

Debi Gunders

Executive Officer, Marketing

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Debi Gunders advises UniversalGiving on marketing and brand strategy initiatives. In her role, Ms. Gunders works extensively with UniversalGiving's public and corporate services to design, develop and expand targeted marketing strategies.

Laurie Wagner

Marketing Strategist

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Why I am involved: "UniversalGiving provides the opportunity to contribute professional experience to an organization that makes a real and positive difference in the lives of others around the world. The team's professionalism, idealism and effectiveness ensure that maximum benefit is delivered to those in need."

Derek Zeng

UG Ambassador

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Why I am involved:

Saumya Varma

UG Ambassador

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Why I am involved:

Madhuri Kalani

UG Tech Ambassador

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Why I am involved: She is committed to international development and humanitarianism, and is very enthusiastic about participating in UniversalGiving's unique mission

Nikhila Kambham

UG Ambassador

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Why I am involved:

Maria Vedstedsen

NGO Services Intern

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Why I am involved:

In Memory

Brandon Solem

Web Developer

(full bio)

Why I am involved: Brandon Solem joined UniversalGiving in the Fall of 2011 as a Web Developer. He excelled at UniversalGiving, although his time with us was short, and he fearlessly and voraciously tackled a very complex homepage re-coding project with aplomb.

We will all love and cherish Brandon's positive spirit. He is a model for us in attitude: kind, sincerely wanting to serve, ever gracious.

Pawel Modelewski

Pawel Modelewski first joined UniversalGiving in the Summer of 2005 while on a student exchange program from Poland. He was quickly promoted to Special Projects Advisor for the CEO at UniversalGiving due to his sincere desire to serve both the organization and our worldwide communities.

Pawel's unique role included relationship management, database customization, and specific projects for the CEO. Perhaps more than the excellent quality of his work, it was the cheerful and dedicated way in which Pawel approached his daily tasks that has most impacted UniversalGiving. Pawel's enthusiasm, love of learning, and zest for life touched all of us on the UniversalGiving Team. A cherished colleague and friend, Pawel is missed. His contribution to UniversalGiving's vision and culture are irreplaceable; his gentle, kind spirit continues to inspire us in our daily efforts to serve others.

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