University Services

UniversalGiving can be a resource for university students and faculty by offering a range of service opportunities.

Here are several ways to get students involved:

1. Add a link on your website to our giving or volunteering opportunities.

You can link directly to our giving or volunteering splashpages, listing our top opportunities.  

2. Email your students about international volunteering.

Blast an informative email to your students about how to find international volunteer opportunities using UniversalGiving. Use your campus list serves to get the word out.  

3. Find Volunteer Opportunities

UniversalGiving can help source and vet volunteer opportunities for any student, professor, or department.

4. Share our internship opportunities with your students.

We have a great internship program at UniversalGiving, giving interns the combination of responsibility and supportive management, allowing them to gain valuable experience and feel that they are truly having an impact.  We’d be happy to connect with your students for internships.  See our available internship positions.

5. Invite our CEO to speak on your campus.

Pamela Hawley is a global expert, speaking on a number of topics including global philanthropy and volunteerism, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and leadership.  She has presented at Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and USC Business Schools.  Contact Samantha Baker to discuss having Pamela speak at your campus.  Watch a recent video presentation targeting young adults.

We’d love to work with you to help your university get engaged!

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