Giving Circles

UniversalGiving™ Giving Circles (G3C)
UniversalGiving G3C program provides a customized application service provider (ASP) for members and their philanthropy programs.
Giving circles provide a trusted, private forum for donors to communicate and collaborate around philanthropy. The expertise, experience and information shared at these personal gatherings strengthen the community of donors. UniversalGiving's Giving Circles forum provides a valuable web-based service and infrastructure which supports a Giving Circle's programs. This service increases donor collaboration and tracks results.   

Giving Circle Features:

    Consistant Branding: We allow the logo, mission and colors to maintain the look
    and feel of your website.
    Customization: We offer a search box for both projects and volunteer
    opportunities allowing your visitors to give and volunteer now.
    Feature Projects: We make it easy to choose and highlight featured projects.
    Private Administrator: We create a special, Private Administration login so you  
    can make updates 24/7.
    Tracking Reports: We create tracking reports so you can monitor activity by
    geography, area of interest.

For more information, please contact us at: phawley@universalgiving.org

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