Quality Model

Emphasis on Quality:

UniversalGiving’s Quality Model™ is critical in this age of international community involvement.

Our Quality Model™ provides in depth due diligence on each project and nonprofit with whom we partner, establishing a trusting environment for giving and volunteering internationally.

Our goal is to ensure that donors and volunteers associate themselves with top-performing projects around the world.


We Take a Closer Look:

UniversalGiving™ remains committed to advancing our Quality Model™, continuing to go beyond industry standards. We deem quality in philanthropy critical for the long term success of UniversalGiving™ and of the unique services for donors, volunteers and corporate clients that we offer.


Our Quality Model™ Includes:

  • Patriot Act Compliance
  • Financial Vetting
  • Management Review
  • Nonprofit Status Verification
  • Accreditations & Affiliations Review
  • Awards & Achievements
  • Media & Press Vetting


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