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Volunteer Primary Teacher

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Under supervision of the Primary Coordinator, you will be responsible for teaching your own group of children in addition to helping with the homework they receive from their normal school. You will plan and deliver classes in reading comprehension. . .
Trujillo, Peru
Flexible dates available. Duration: 6 weeks to 1 year
Financial contribution We do ask volunteers to make a contribution to the charity in return for volunteering. We know it can seem a bit strange to 'pay to work' but this is how we fund the charity. Please see our annual report for a breakdown of our budget and spending - 32% of our annual budget currently comes from the volunteer contributions and additional fund-raising done by current and ex volunteers. Accommodation will be provided and the cost is included in the donation which ranges from £350 to £135 per month, depending on the length of stay. Please see the website for more information:http://www.skipperu.org/en/volunteer/contributionfees.
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