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Volunteers will participate in a variety of projects, including teaching English at the Buddhism Association School, which is part of the Wat Bo temple complex. It provides English instruction to young people as well as monks. Volunteers are able to. . .
Siem Reap, Cambodia
23 Dec 2017   to   30 Dec 2017:    $1,360
16 Dec 2017   to   23 Dec 2017:    $1,360
9 Dec 2017   to   16 Dec 2017:    $1,360
2 Dec 2017   to   9 Dec 2017:    $1,360
25 Nov 2017   to   2 Dec 2017:    $1,360
18 Nov 2017   to   25 Nov 2017:    $1,360
Flexible dates available. Duration: 1 to 7 days
The minimum contribution fee for your program covers not only the cost of your meals, accommodation, on-site travel (but not airfare), donations to the various community projects, your orientation package, volunteer coordination, program development, country manager expenses, community team recruitment, logistical support, medical emergency evacuation, medical insurance are included and project consultants. Your entire contribution is used to support Globe Aware sponsored programs and development.. No funds are collected from any religious or political organization. Less than 12% of your program fee goes toward overhead and administration.
Focus Areas:
Economic Development

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