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Global Citizens Network

In partnership with people of diverse cultures, GCN promotes cross-cultural understanding and interconnectedness through authentic immersion experiences.

Economic Development, Environment, Human Rights, Poverty

All 12 countries:
  Summary by region:

Date Founded: 1992
Number of Staff: 5

Description of Services:
Global Citizens Network (GCN) sends small teams of volunteers to rural communities around the world where the volunteers are immersed in the daily life of the community. Trips last one to three weeks, depending on the site; each team is led by a trained GCN team leader. The team works on projects initiated by people in the local community, for the benefit of the community. Projects may not be decided upon until shortly before the arrival of a GCN team. Volunteers should be aware that everything is subject to change. As worthwhile and fulfilling as the work you do will be, the true rewards come from the cross-cultural learning which takes place on these trips, making connections to others in ways you may have never experienced before.
GCN was incorporated in 1992 by six Twin Cities residents, all with extensive experience in coordinating international volunteer teams. Four of six original founders remain on the Board of Directors and/or lead teams. We started with the belief in volunteer work and desire to contribute through a cooperative effort to make a difference in the global community.
Accomplishments & Progress:
On every trip, the exchange is evaluated by volunteers and community hosts for benefit, learning and satisfaction with arrangements. The continued success of partnerships is demonstrated through the sustained relationship over many years with the host communities, as well as with the addition of new sites through numerous referrals.

Financial Information   Verified
Year 2014 2013 2012
Total Revenue: $566,900 $562,112 $394,781
        Program Services Expenses: $522,731
(90% of total)
(89% of total)
(85% of total)
        Management & General Expenses: $59,857
(10% of total)
(11% of total)
(15% of total)
        Fundraising Expenses: $0
(0% of total)
(0% of total)
(0% of total)
        Total Expenses: $582,588 $585,784 $392,985

Additional Background Information: The vision of Global Citizens Network is to create a network of people who are committed to the shared values of peace, justice, tolerance, cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation, to the preservation of indigenous cultures, traditions and ecologies, and to the enhancement of the quality of life around the world. Local Partners: In each community, Global Citizens Network partners with a local tribal council, community group or non-governmental organization

Steve Struthers
Executive Director Phone: 612-436-8291
Development Director:
Melinda Czaia
Program Director
Phone: 612-436-8271
Volunteer Coordinator:
Brendan Banteh
Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 612-436-8275
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors:
B.J. Anderson
Monica Vickman Ballard
Karen Brown
Paul Ernst
Bruce Mielke (Secretary)
Liz Kelly
James Schwinghammer
Jeffrey Sommers (Chair)
Peter Wagner (Treasurer)
Wayne Wilson

129 North 2nd St.,
Suite 102
Minneapolis , MN 55401
United States
Phone: 800.892.0022
Fax: 612.436.8298
Web: http://www.globalcitizens.org

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Global Citizens Network
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Global Citizens Network
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Global Citizens Network
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Global Citizens Network
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Global Citizens Network
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Global Citizens Network
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