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Children of the Night

Children of the Night is a privately funded non-profit organization established in 1979 and dedicated to rescuing America's children from the ravages of prostitution.


United States

Date Founded: 1979
Number of Staff: 25

Description of Services:
The shelter home provides appropriate care and supervision of America's children (ages 11-17) who have been forced to prostitute and seek refuge in our home, attend our onsite school and receive comprehensive case management. In the last 35 years we have placed over 100 children in colleges across America and many of our successful graduates are teachers, 911 emergency operators, nurses and child care workers.

The WOW program provides online GED Education, Mental Health Services and Professional volunteers across the nation for people who are trapped on the streets and without resources to be permanently removed from the streets.
Dr. Lois Lee is a pioneer in saving children who are victims of human sex trafficking, blazing the trail for academics, researchers, law enforcement, social service providers and legislators. She is the founder and president of Children of the Night, the first established and most comprehensive sex trafficking program in North America.

In 1975, she wrote a treatise "The Pimp and His Game", relied on by vice officers, district attorneys, FBI and U.S. attorneys for the prosecution of pimp/traffickers.
Children of the Night leads America's sex trafficking movement since 1979. We were the first hotline, street program, drop in center and shelter home for America's children forced to prostitute in the United States.

Accomplishments & Progress:
Since 1979 we have rescued over 10,000 American children from the ravages of prostitution -- that is more children than all of America's sex trafficking organizations combined.

Children of the Night is the only full-service program in North America designed specifically for American children who have been forced to prostitute right here in the United States-girls AND boys.

Most of these children have been forced to prostitute in hot-sheet motels and truck stops and many have been held in jails on material witness holds until they testify against a pimp/trafficker.

Until they have reached the Children of the Night home, life with a pimp may have been better than home or the detention centers where they have been held.

Financial Information   Verified
Year 2012 2011 2010
Total Revenue: $2,186,702 $1,626,713 $1,692,465
        Program Services Expenses: $1,779,083
(87% of total)
(87% of total)
(87% of total)
        Management & General Expenses: $132,765
(7% of total)
(7% of total)
(7% of total)
        Fundraising Expenses: $124,587
(6% of total)
(6% of total)
(7% of total)
        Total Expenses: $2,036,435 $1,851,306 $1,737,100

Additional Background Information: America's Largest Sex Trafficking 24/7 Toll Free Hotline Since 1979

Rescuing Prostitutes Nationwide

We're Up When The Pimps Come Out To Play

24/7 Shelter Intake for 11 - 17 Year Olds

We Fund Taxi/Airfare for Shelter Intake

Lois Lee
President Phone: 818 908 4474 x 125
Development Director:
Lois Lee
Phone: 818 908 4474 x 125
Volunteer Coordinator:
Hitesh Varma
Assistant to the President
Phone: 818 908 4474 x 111
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors:
Janet C. Jones
Elkins/Jones Insurance Brokers

Dr. David L. Boyd, C.P.A.
Chancellor,Taft University System
Trustee, Orange County Board of Education

Dr. Robert M. Christie,
Professor Emeritus, California State University

Francis Shelley, CPA
Alvarez & Shelley

Patti Massman Neuwirth

Kara Nortman
SVP of Publishing
Citygrid Media

14530 Sylvan Street
Van Nuys , CA 91411
United States
Phone: 800-551-1300
Fax: 818-908-1468
Web: http://www.childrenofthenight.org

Dr Lee with Residents at the Shelter/Home
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Children of the Night WOW
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