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Supplies for the Homeless

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The most recent one night survey completed in January 2015 showed that the homeless situation is growing in our communities. There is a 21% increase of people counted on the streets, in doorways, and under structures than there were in 2014.
We want to purchase food, blankets, socks, gloves, and hand warmers to distribute to the main outdoor shelters that house approximately 120 people per shelter in and around Seattle. Please contact us via Let Kids Be Kids for further information on answers to your questions.
During 2014 we helped organize thousands of meals, hundreds of gloves, hand warmers, tents, clothing, sleeping bags, socks and lots of hours sharing time with those most challenged. See Let Kids Be Kids for links to Instagram so you can see lots of photos of our interest/work.
Thank you.
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Disaster Relief
Economic Development
Human Rights
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