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Goal: $3,000
  $170 raised
As spring and summer roll in, our need for foster homes more than doubles. Each day, we are met with new underage kittens in need of a safe place to be fed, cared for and socialized until they are old enough to enter the adoption program. Each year about 1,200 kittens are saved through our Foster Care Program.

The Foster Care Program is a lifeline for animals who have a chance at survival, but are simply too young for adoption, or may be recovering from an injury or illness, and cannot yet enter the general population of the adoption center. With the love and care of devoted foster parents, these helpless animals are given a second chance for life.

While puppies also benefit from our Foster Care Program, most of the animals in the program are underage kittens. Our foster homes are dedicated to giving these young animals a second chance at life.

Your support is invaluable to these animals and to the people who care for them during this crucial stage in their early lives.

Impact of Your Donation

Donations raised for this project will be used to cover the costs of providing care and treatment for the kittens and puppies in the Foster Care Program at the San Francisco SPCA. Thank you for helping the SF SPCA end animal overpopulation and abandonment.
Focus Areas: Health, Animals Countries Served: United States

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