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South African Education and Environment Project--USA

SAEP-USA raises funds for education and environment projects in South Africa. Currently it makes grants to only one organization, the South African Education and Environment Project (SAEP), a small, award-winning registered South African non-profit dedicated to serving children and youth in South Africa's disadvantaged township communities through educational support at every level of academic development.

Children, Economic Development, Education, Environment

South Africa

Date Founded: 1994
Number of Staff: 18

Description of Services:
SAEP-USA does not provide direct services, but functions as a grant-making organization. The services provided by SAEP, its South African grantee, include an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program that enables severely under-resourced township preschools become quality ECD Centres; a High School Programme that provides educational support and enrichment interventions in under-performing township schools; a Bridging Year Program for promising township graduates that promotes academic, leadership and life skills acquisition; and a Tertiary Support Program that assists former SAEP Bridging Year interns enrolled in university financially and otherwise to facilitate their success . SAEP also has outstanding programs in Environment and Arts.
SAEP-USA's work began in 1994 in Cape Town, South Africa, when it began operating several education and environment programs. In 2003, it assisted in the establishment of the South African Education and Environment (SAEP), a voluntary non-profit association registered as a South African Non-Profit Organizaion (NPO) in 2003 and a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) in 2006. In 2010, SAEP-USA ceased operating any programs in South African and now raises funds for and makes grants to SAEP to support the activities of the latter. SAEP-USA does not have a volunteer program in South Africa but refers potential volunteers to SAEP. SAEP and SAEP-USA are wholly different legal entities, each with its own independent governing body.
Accomplishments & Progress:
SAEP established highly innovative and successful education programs in South Africa and facilitated development of a South African non-profit organization, SAEP, to continue and expand those projects. SAEP-USA now raises funds for SAEP. SAEP's programs have continued to grow and develop in response to community needs and the evolving challenges of education in South Africa, For more information about the programs operated by SAEP and supported financially by SAEP-USA, please browse SAEP's website at www.saep.org.

Financial Information   Verified
Year 2009 2008 2007
Total Revenue: $115,227 $109,509 $64,640
        Program Services Expenses: $87,470
(81% of total)
(77% of total)
(65% of total)
        Management & General Expenses: $76,503
(71% of total)
(18% of total)
(34% of total)
        Fundraising Expenses: $8,739
(8% of total)
(5% of total)
(1% of total)
        Total Expenses: $108,413 $98,102 $60,864

Additional Background Information: SAEP-USA has been a registered 501(c)(3) corporation under the Internal Revenue Code since 1995 and has complied with its obligations in this regard, including filing of annual Form 990 as required under the IRC. Local Partners: South African Education and Environment Project, Cape Town, South Africa Additional Affiliations: Friends of the Mandela Rhodes Foundation--USA

Jane Keen
Executive Director Phone: (+27) 021-447-3610
Development Director:
Norton Tennille
Phone: (+27) 021-447-3610
Volunteer Coordinator:
Anna Teske
Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (+27) 021-447-3610
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors:
Charles L. Elkins, Inge Heckel, Ray Mckinney, Tate Foster, C.E. Pleasants, Jr., Alice Chambers, Courtney Campbell, Charne Lavery, Gareth Jones, Norton Tennille, Jane Keen

4505 Lowell Street NW
Washington , DC 20016
United States
Phone: 202-686-3518
Fax: 202-686-3519
Web: http://www.saep-usa.org

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