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Solar Household Energy Inc.

Solar Household Energy strives to unleash the potential of solar cooking for global health, economic development and the environment around the world, and deliver it to those whom it can benefit most. We accomplish this through partnerships with local organizations in the field, education about the benefits of solar cooking, and research in solar cooking technologies and implementation.

Environment, Health, Poverty, Gender & Equality

All 14 countries:
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Date Founded: 1998
Number of Staff: 6

Description of Services:
We provide technical assistance to organizations in designing and implementing the sustainable dissemination of solar cooking technology, including solar cooking training program design, solar cooking equipment suitability analysis, project evaluation. We also are active in educating the public and policy-makers about the potential for solar cooking, and we are engaged in ongoing technical research to improve solar cooking technology.
Solar Household Energy was founded in 1998 by three individuals with a passionate commitment to the use of solar cooking technology to confront the environmental, health and economic impacts of conventional cooking methods in the developing world. Collectively, the Founders have substantial experience in international affairs, economic development, women's empowerment and refugee issues. Two of SHE's three founders remain actively engaged with SHE to this day, overseeing key initiatives and providing strategic guidance for the future.
Accomplishments & Progress:
SHE has guided and enabled the development of the HotPot, a break-through solar cooking device now in use in several countries in Latin America and Africa, as well as the United States and Europe. Over the years SHE, in conjunction with local partners, has introduced solar cooking to users and communities in more than a dozen countries. SHE has also contributed significantly to research into improved solar cooking technology, improvements in training methodologies, as well as expanding awareness of the practical benefits of solar cooking among policy-makers and development agencies.

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Group Verification Status
UN (United Nations) Verified
Financial Information   Verified
Year 2012 2011 2010
Total Revenue: $66,148 $114,298 $43,521
        Program Services Expenses: $64,174
(84% of total)
(78% of total)
(67% of total)
        Management & General Expenses: $8,980
(12% of total)
(16% of total)
(33% of total)
        Fundraising Expenses: $3,200
(4% of total)
(6% of total)
(0% of total)
        Total Expenses: $76,354 $77,574 $126,530

Additional Background Information: We have provided technical training and solar cooking technology to thousands rural families in El Salvador, Mexico, Senegal, Mali and Cameroon. We have also supported efforts in Chad, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other countries. Our research and development efforts have led to the creation of the HotPot solar oven, an effective solar cooking solution in many cultural and geographic settings. Local Partners: Bolivia Inti -- Sud Soleil Grupo Jaragua, Premiere Urgence, Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza, Tostan, Partnership for Clean Indoor Air, The Nature Conservancy, Africare, CORD, Jewish World Watch, Additional Affiliations: International Union for Conservation of Nature World Bank Development Marketplace

Cora Shaw
Board President Phone: 202 670 8786
Development Director:
Richard Stolz
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 202 670 8786
Volunteer Coordinator:
Trish Sheehan
Program Manager
Phone: 202 644 1674
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors:
Sophie Brock, Executive Director
David Grosman, Secretary
Louise Meyer,Vice President Paul Arveson, Treasurer
Cora Shaw, President
Kristen Panerali, Board Member
Andrea Crooms, Board Member Margarita Battle, Board Member

3327 18th St. NW
Washington , DC 20010
United States
Phone: 202 644 1674
Web: http://she-inc.org

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