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Send Books to Sponsor Life Changing Literacy Efforts for Kids in Africa

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West Africa has the lowest literacy rate in the world. Illiteracy is a huge contributing factor to the level of poverty in the region. More than 40% of the population - approximately 65 million are unable to read and write.

The low literacy levels can be attributed to the number of children - approximately 14 million - who are not attending primary-school. There is also a shortage of school supplies, especially in the rural areas where schools are lacking children's books to help kids learn to read and write.

We are sponsoring literacy efforts for kids in West Africa by sending children's books to schools to help them build school libraries as well as to stock classrooms with reading and writing textbooks.

Your donation will help to ship a box of books. These books will make an extraordinary difference in enhancing children's reading skills, as well as contribute to changing their mindsets and reading habits. By helping to improve the literacy rate, we can help lift children out of poverty.
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Sierra Leone
Tanzania, United Republic of

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