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Education Fund for Earthquake Victims

The Big Picture

Goal: $350,000
  $102,025 raised
With nearly 9,000 people dead and over 20,000 seriously injured, thousands of children have become orphaned or have been left uncared for after the major earthquake in April. NYF will find surrogate families for these children within the nearest kin who are willing to take them in and care for them, ensuring that the kids are not uprooted from their family and culture and they grow up as part of a society.

NYF will pay for the kids? education, living costs and healthcare as it is very likely that many host families will not have the necessary financial capacity to support additional people in the household. Trained social workers will monitor the well-being and academic progress of the children. With your assistance, we will be able to extend this critical support to hundreds of kids still struggling to survive the continuing aftershocks.

Impact of Your Donation

Your donation of only $350 will provide a child with a school uniform and school supplies. This gift also covers the child's school fees, which support teachers' salaries and the basic upkeep of the school Your gift also covers the cost of a child's living expenses, psychosocial counseling and healthcare.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Education, Poverty
Countries Served: Nepal

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