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Save a Nepali Child from Malnutrition

The Big Picture

Goal: $220,120
  $100 raised
Half of Nepali children under five-years-old are malnourished, which leads to stunted growth, increased susceptibility to disease and permanent intellectual damage. As many as 50,000 Nepali children die each year from malnutrition.

To combat this scourge, the Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) in 1998 opened the first Nutritional Rehabilitation Home (NRH) in Kathmandu. Through an innovative program of nutritional therapy, NYF has helped save thousands of children afflicted with malnutrition. While the children are recovering their health, NYF nutritionists teach the mothers safe nutritional practices and proper food preparation using only locally produced ingredients. This not only ensures that the children stay healthy once they leave the NRH, the entire family's nutrition benefits from the mother's training. In addition, NRH field workers later follow up in the villages to ensure the children maintain their weight and health.

Impact of Your Donation

$260 restores a malnourished child to WHO standards of good health and provides for necessary medical care. In addition, these funds cover the education of the mother in proper child care, hygiene, and nutrition. The women are also trained in how to share this new knowledge with neighbors when she returns to her village. After a mother and child return home, NRH field workers visit them three times to provide follow-up care and instruct local villagers on proper childcare.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Education, Health, Poverty, Gender & Equality
Countries Served: Nepal

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