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Refugee Relief

The Big Picture

Goal: $40,000
  $20,100 raised
The United Nations estimates some 300,000 residents of central Mindanao, Philippines have been displaced due to military operations.

As one of the few NGOs working in this violent region, Asia America Initiative's Peace Zone Schools also serve to provide shelter for thousands of displaced families. In addition, we help provide food and medicine, but there remains a severe lack of proper sanitation and clean water. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of many families by giving them the basic resources they need to survive.

Impact of Your Donation

Donations will be used for purchase and transportation of relief materials to Mindanao.

$10 can buy baby formula to feed an infant for 1 week

$20 can buy a sack of rice to feed a family of four for 1 week

$25 can buy cooking pots for 1 family

$50 can buy 500 water purification tablets (1,000 gallons of water)

$100 can buy mosquito nets to prevent malaria for 50 children.

AAI will also provide trauma counseling and livelihood programs for the war victims, particularly for children.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Disaster Relief, Economic Development, Health, Human Rights, Poverty, Conflict Resolution
Countries Served: Philippines

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