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Plant a Tree in Haiti

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Help reforest Haiti by planting trees!

Haiti has one of the most severely degraded environments in the western hemisphere and suffers from severe soil erosion and deforestation. Deforestation exacerbates the effects of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes that are unfortunately all too common in Haiti, causing dangerous flooding and mudslides.

Your gift will purchase a tree seedling, as well as training and technical assistance for community reforestation projects. Every tree purchased helps the Lambi Fund of Haiti reach its goal of planting 1 million trees, and strengthens Haitian-led reforestation efforts so crucial to rural development. Working together is essential for a sustainable and healthy environment.
Donation Amount: $22.00
Focus Areas: Economic Development
Countries Served: Haiti
Type of NGO: UniversalGiving Partner


A flourishing grove of tree sapling planted by Lambi
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Group members in their thriving tree nursery
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Haitian women holding tree saplings ready to plant for reforestation in Haiti
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Community-led tree nurseries like this are reforesting Haiti
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Lambi Fund partner proudly pointing at his reforested hillside in Haiti
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