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Provide Nutritious, Balanced Meals to Children in Need

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Many children are faced with the perils of poverty. Lack is a limiting factor, impeding their education and development. The absence of basic needs is negatively affecting the quality of life of the children and their attendance, focus and learning at school. The children are often hungry and unable to focus when learning.

The normal growth and development of children is being seriously affected. Thousands of children go to bed hungry, survive on one meal a day or eat meals that are nutritionally deficient because their families cannot afford to feed them. A deficient diet makes their bodies more prone to illness.

We are helping to address this by periodically providing a nutritious, balanced meal to children in the community whose parents are low income earners.

Your donation of $10 will help to provide a nutritious meal for two children.
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Food & Agriculture
Countries Served:
Sierra Leone

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