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Provide 1 Chicken to the Dream Home Children

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Currently, we have to raise funds on an on-going basis to care for the Ebola orphans in the Dream Home. Funds raised cover all the running costs including food, clothing, uniforms / clothes, medical, school supplies, staffing expenses etc. Also we currently purchase all the food that the orphans eat. Additionally, children in this home (as in other similar homes) are at risk of growing up with a sense of entitlement or learned helplessness.

Solution: This project will help to address these problems by launching a poultry offering a 3-fold benefit. Sales of eggs from the hens will provide a reliable, on-going income source - to help cover on-going expenses. Also the kids will have a supply of fresh protein - eggs daily. This venture will additionally provide a teaching opportunity for the kids to learn a sense of responsibility. The older kids could get involved in feeding / care of the hens and possibly future management.

Your gift will help purchase and feed one of the day-old chicks till she starts laying eggs.
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Human Rights
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Sierra Leone

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