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Prisoner Support-Telephone Expenses.

The Big Picture

Goal: $3,000
  $510 raised

Sister Helen Prejean C.S.J.: "There are no more marginalized, thrown-away, and leprous people in our society than death-row inmates."
We are advocating for more humane treatment of prisoners who will spend the rest of their lives behind bars.
This campaign is to help fund telephone calls for death row prisoners.
In Washington state the prisoners on death row have little ability to pay for calls to family. They are in solitary confinement without physical interaction with anyone. The guards, for the most part, do not speak with them.
After telephone fees and processing charges, a $30.00 donation allows c$20.00 worth of telephone calls to an approved list of people.
Without donations some prisoners will never hear the voice of their loved ones.
Donations will be given to accredited, sanctioned, state approved representatives who manage prisoner funds for phone calls.
Let Kids Be Kids has committed monthly funds in support of this vital program.

Impact of Your Donation

Telephone expenses for 12 prisoners. Many prisoners have no resources to pay for phone calls. Donations of $30.00 a month will allow the minimum of communication out of the prison under very controlled circumstances.
We, at let Kids Be Kids, have pledged ongoing donations for one prisoner who has no family financial support available. His mother is aged, sick, on SS, taking care of a disabled adult daughter.
Additional funds will come through joint projects.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Human Rights
Countries Served: United States

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