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Plan International USA

Plan International USA is part of the Plan International Federation which works side-by-side with communities in 50 developing countries to end the cycle of poverty for children. Plan develops solutions community by community to ensure long-term sustainability. Our solutions are designed up-front to be owned by the community for generations to come and range from clean water and healthcare programs to education projects and child protection initiatives.

Children, Disaster Relief, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Poverty, Gender & Equality, Microfinance

All 50 countries:
  Summary by region:

Date Founded: 1937
Number of Staff: 94

Description of Services:
Through donations, partnerships, and sponsorship, more than one million children, their families, and their communities directly benefit from our grassroots, self-help programs in health, education, water and sanitation, income-generation and cross-cultural communication. Indirect beneficiaries include an estimated further nine million people living in communities working with Plan.

We work to provide a better world for children now and in the long-term future. We make this happen by putting children's needs and concerns at the center of all our programs and encouraging children to participate and contribute their ideas and opinions so they are truly heard in their community.
In 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, British war correspondent John Langdon-Davies found a small child wandering alone through the ravaged streets of Santander. In the child's pocket was a note that read: "This is Jose. I am his father. When Santander falls I shall be shot. Whoever finds my son, I beg of him to take care of him for my sake." Deeply affected by the plea, Langdon-Davies took the child by the hand and took the first steps to establishing Plan USA. He and refugee worker Eric Muggeridge, horrified at the number of sick and starving children they encountered, began an operation to provide food, accommodation and education for some of the thousands of children orphaned by the war.
Accomplishments & Progress:
Founded over 70 years ago, Plan is one of the oldest and largest international development agencies in the world. We work in 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas and raise funds in 21 countries.

Plan has grown from an organization focused on children affected by war to one of the leading international development organizations, with more than 1 million sponsored children and their families in 50 countries.

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Group Verification Status
InterAction Verified
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Financial Information   Verified
Year 2013 2012 2011
Total Revenue: $75,828,420 $59,660,417 $88,325,216
        Program Services Expenses: $57,189,476
(76% of total)
(78% of total)
(77% of total)
        Management & General Expenses: $13,969,114
(19% of total)
(16% of total)
(11% of total)
        Fundraising Expenses: $4,020,798
(5% of total)
(6% of total)
(12% of total)
        Total Expenses: $75,179,388 $80,350,834 $64,401,129

Additional Affiliations: Plan International, Basic Education Coalition, Global Health Council, Hope for African Children Initiative, Better Safer World Coalition, Orphans & Vulnerable Children Task Force

Tessie San Martin, Ph.D.
President/CEO Phone: 401-562-8400
Development Director:
Shirley King
Donor Services Manager
Phone: 401-562-8400
Volunteer Coordinator:
Donna D'Andrea
Mgr. - Donor Support
Phone: 562-8400
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors:
Dorota Keverian (Chairman)
Lexington, MA

Allison Knapp Womack (Vice Chair)
Brooklyn, NY

Eric Chatman (Treasurer)
Hartford, CT

Georgiana Gibson, M.D. (Secretary)
Dallas, TX

Isobel Coleman, Ph.D.
New York, NY

Paul S. Dwyer, Jr.
Bethesda, MD

Jack Poulson
Harrison, NY

Tamer Rashad
New York, NY

Walter Stone
Providence, RI

Howard Cutler
Seattle, WA

Elizabeth Murdock Myers
Norton, MA

Sam Deshpande
Dallas, TX

Carol Peasley
Washington, DC

155 Plan Way
Warwick , RI 02886
United States
Phone: 1-800-556-7918
Fax: 401-738-5608
Web: http://www.planusa.org

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