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Operation USA

Operation USA helps communities alleviate the effects of disasters, disease and endemic poverty throughout the world by providing privately-funded relief, reconstruction and development aid.

Children, Disaster Relief, Economic Development, Education, Health, Poverty, Microfinance

All 14 countries:
  Summary by region:

Date Founded: 1979
Number of Staff: 9

Description of Services:
Working with grass-roots partners on the ground, Operation USA provides material and financial assistance necessary in the face of a disaster, as well as to combat the effects of systemic poverty.

Dedicated to rebuilding with commitment and listening to communities' voices to determine the best way to assist them, Operation USA stays in the field long after many others leave. Long-term projects are supported that promote education and health services, sustainable development, leadership building, income generating activities and advocacy on behalf of vulnerable people worldwide.
Founded in 1979, Operation USA accepts no U.S. government funds for its programs, preferring instead to remain exclusively privately funded by individuals, foundations and companies. Relief and development assistance has been sent to 99 countries since our founding.
Accomplishments & Progress:
Operation USA is a co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize as part of The International Campaign to Ban Landmines; was named as one of Worth Magazine's 100 Best Charities in America; and, in addition to their Four Star rating, was recently named the #1 Exclusively Privately Funded Charity by watchdog group Charity Navigator. Operation USA is a additionally a founding member of InterAction.

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Group Verification Status
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Financial Information   Verified
Year 2013 2012 2011
Total Revenue: $22,077,029 $3,112,508 $13,087,469
        Program Services Expenses: $20,357,025
(98% of total)
(89% of total)
(96% of total)
        Management & General Expenses: $209,383
(1% of total)
(7% of total)
(3% of total)
        Fundraising Expenses: $153,766
(1% of total)
(4% of total)
(1% of total)
        Total Expenses: $20,720,174 $4,196,404 $15,827,290

Additional Background Information: Operation USA maintains an active volunteer program at our Los Angeles headquarters; we seek bulk in-kind contributions of products and services from companies.

Learn more at www.opusa.org Local Partners: 100 California-based nonprofit community health clinics.
50 Gulf Coast (Katrina) health clinics.

Additional Affiliations: L'Athletique d'Haiti
Awesome Girls Mentoring Program
California Primary Care Association
The City of Jacmel, Haiti
Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County
National Association of Community Health Centers
Mekong Plus (Vietnam)
Santa Rosa Unida (Nicaragua)
Hospital Pediatrico William Soler (Havana, Cuba)
L.A. County Dept. of Health Services
Nicaraguan Children's Fund

Richard Walden
President & CEO Phone: 323-413-2353
Development Director:
Laetitia Rwiyegura
Director of Administration
Phone: 3234132353
Volunteer Coordinator:
Mary Dolan
Communications Director
Phone: 323-413-2353
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors:
Rick Allen
Julie Andrews
Dave Brubaker
Rosario Dawson
Jonathan Estrin
Jeff Franklin
Stan Frileck, MD
Peter Greenberg
Drew Hagen
Sen. Gary Hart
Larry Heifetz, MD
Dr. Louis Ignaro, Phd.
Roland Joffe
Bob Johnson
Nola Kambanda
Rosanne Katon-Walden
Gary Larsen
Michael Mahdesian
Tom Moore, Jr.
Jack Shakely
Maria Mouhiddin Verjee
Lorin Stevenson
Richard M. Walden
Skip Whitney
Julie Yannatta

7421 Beverly Blvd, PH
Los Angeles , CA 90036
United States
Phone: 323-413-2353 or 800-678-7255
Fax: 323-931-5400
Web: http://www.opusa.org

Kids enjoy a meal from our feeding program in Jacmel, Haiti
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Awesome Girls in New Orleans
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Free supplies being given to community clinics from our warehouse in CA.
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The wrath of Hurricane Sandy
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