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Let Kids Be Kids Inc.

"Advocacy for Those Seeking a Voice."
Let Kids Be Kids, Inc. is dedicated to advocating for people that have a desire to be heard and that may not have a voice.
We are committed to offering that voice, by bringing people together, with various organizations, and other concerned people, that are committed to solving some of the challenges we all face today in society.
See: www.letkidsbekids.org

Children, Disaster Relief, Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Poverty, Gender & Equality

All 8 countries:
  Summary by region:

Date Founded: 2004
Number of Staff: 9

Description of Services:
Advocacy, educational outreach and the orchestration of volunteers to work directly with the poor, homeless, HIV/AIDS, victims of natural calamities and the defenseless in war torn areas.
We solicit and distribute funds to shelters for operating expenses, meals, supplies and emergency requests. We also pass along donations to organizations we support through our volunteerism, writings, photography, and film. We speak at schools and with service groups about the books "View from the Tent", "Ice" and "Trust Kids" that deal with poverty, HIV/AIDS and the benefits of incorporating ideas from young people.
In Australia our outreach is to various Aboriginal tribes.

"Advocacy for Those Seeking a Voice."
We chose the name Let Kids Be Kids as often the young are the most at risk.
The company was founded to offer opportunities through advocacy, involvement and experience in community service and action.
We were born out of positive experiences dealing with young people and others, in Russia, Finland, Australia, East Timor, Iraq, Viet Nam, Guatemala and the USA.
Those experiences were with kids, and adults, who are at risk due to economic, physical, natural and acts of war.
We believe that given the respect, recognition and opportunity young people can change the world.
See:www.letkidsbekids.org to view biographies.
Accomplishments & Progress:
*58,000 meals to the homeless in 2008-2012
*HIV/AIDS conference in San Pedro Sula and Negril, Jamaica. Ongoing educational outreach.
Recognition from the Legislature, State of Washington, for community involvement.
*Participated with relief group in Indonesia for tsunami victims.
*Ongoing outreach program to Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal tribes.
*Participated in post Katrina relief and reconstruction.
*Participation with Guatemalan relief work with children.
*Speaking engagements and interaction with over seven thousand students on poverty/homelessness, HIV/AIDS and Environmental issues.
*Ongoing participation with HIV/AIDS support groups as well as individual support to those infected.
See: http://www.letkidsbekids.org

Financial Information   Verified
Year 2012
Total Revenue: $3,000
        Program Services Expenses: $0
(0% of total)
        Management & General Expenses: $0
(0% of total)
        Fundraising Expenses: $0
(0% of total)
        Total Expenses: $0

Additional Background Information: The following are a few of the recognitions to our work:
* KING Television, Girls and Friend with AIDS, listed as one of favorites by anchor
* Writers Union/AFL-CIO support to Youth Advocacy work in strengthening
school curriculums.
* State of Washington Resolution #4652 honoring my work with young people.
* Women's Rights Advocacy-KOMO Television Interview
* Girls Service to AIDS Patient - KING Television Segment
* Congressman Jim McDermott letter of support for kids outreach.
* Salvation Army recognition of our work with kids and the elderly.
* Children's Hospital recognition of support from students to kids in the hospital.
* Eileen Cody, State Representative, recognition and thanks for work with
students and community programs and outreach.
* Duwamish Nation, recognition of support of kids to tribal identity.
See www.letkidsbekids.org for more information on who we are and the services we provide.
Local Partners: Greater Seattle Cares
Seattle University Care Teams
Multifaith Works HIV/AIDS
HIV Stops with Me
Council of Churches
University of Washington
King County Coalition on Homelessness

Additional Affiliations: Multifaith Cares
Seattle University
University of Washington
Seattle Pacific University
Saint Marks Cathedral
Balcoomb, Queensland
Greater Seattle Cares
King County Coalition on Homelessness
Kids on the Streets
Catholic Community Services

Michael Barrett Miller
Managing Director-Western Hempisphere Phone: 206-604-6679
Development Director:
Terry Graham
Managing Director-Australasia
Phone: 206-604-6679
Volunteer Coordinator:
Michael Barrett Miller
Managing Director
Phone: 206-604-6679
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors:
Michael Barrett Miller
Terry Graham
Megan Anne Miller
Cyndy Grace
Michael Scallon
Deborah Wynne
Judy Deak
J.Ward Riebe

9559 Sand Point Way NE
Suite B1
Seattle , WA 98115
United States
Phone: 206-604-6679
Web: http://www.letkidsbekids.org

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