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Human Capital Foundation - Selamta Family Project

The Selamta Family Project is a successful model that creates small families for orphaned children and disenfranchised women who have lost their place in society due to AIDS, poverty and lack of economic opportunity. Each vibrant new family includes a Selmata-trained mother, an auntie (mother's assistant), and eight children who live in a warm home of their own. The Selamta staff provides support, networking and small business training as the family grows and becomes self-sufficient.

Children, Education, Poverty, Gender & Equality, Microfinance


Date Founded: 2005
Number of Staff: 2

Description of Services:
The Selamta Family Project provides women and children with a family where there was none. The Selamta staff ensures that each new family member receives a yearly medical and psychological evaluation, re-unification with extended family members when possible, enrollment in private school at the appropriate grade level and after school opportunities such as soccer, tutoring and computer training. Parenting, health and small business training are provided for the mothers. Selamta has partnered with local NGOs, hospitals, government agencies, and community leaders, to strengthen the development of each child. Each family is mentored and enjoys a large safety net with the entire population of families that make up the Selamta Family Project.
The Selamta Family Project started as a grassroots effort to do something about the orphan crisis in Ethiopia. Starting with just 3 kids, and lots of volunteer effort stateside, our model has grown to include a caring Ethiopian staff, government appreciation, local partnerships and 120 women and children who are thriving. Our first "constellation' of 11 homes was completed in 2010. The Selamta Family Project is a replicable model that has proven to be successful for truly reintegrating children and women back into society as productive citizens.
Accomplishments & Progress:
The Selamta Family Project completed the first constellation of family homes in 2010! Every child and mother has received all vaccinations, annual health screenings, HIV education, psychological counseling and training classes. 18 out of 85 of our school age children placed #1 in their class at the rigorous private school that they attend. Our oldest child graduated from a pre-law junior college! The Selamta soccer team has won tournament play for two years running. The Ethiopian government cited Selamta "the best childcare model" at MOLSA's annual meeting in 2008. Our book, "An Unlikely Family" describing our project has won four awards to date. The film, Into Abyassina, is being shown as an introduction to our early work.

Financial Information   Verified
Year 2012 2009
Total Revenue: $240,908 $261,060
        Program Services Expenses: $211,077
(93% of total)
(90% of total)
        Management & General Expenses: $10,679
(5% of total)
(5% of total)
        Fundraising Expenses: $5,815
(3% of total)
(4% of total)
        Total Expenses: $227,571 $257,785

Additional Background Information: Over the next year we hope to raise enough through donations to open our second constellation of family homes. We are reaching out to new donors who would like to invest in the future of these bright young people and the women who want to become self-sufficient. Our project has many layers of opportunities to get involved. The Selamta Family Project truly is a FAMILY and we would love for you to become an active part of our work. We have several tiers of investments, such as sponsorships to cover educational expenses for one child for one year ($360), or one child's full per annum expenses ($800), or the cost of an entire home for one year (a mom and 8-9 children - $5,000). Volunteer opportunities are year round and contribute to the overall success of our project. Please check our web site for all of detailed information. Thank you! Local Partners: World Wide Orphans
Italian Children's Commission
A Child's Right

Carol Foster
Executive Director & Founder Phone: 802-649-7094
Development Director:
Carol Foster
Director of Development & Operations
Phone: 802-649-7094
Volunteer Coordinator:
Mia Brown
Program Coordinator
Phone: 802-649-7094
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors:

PO Box 1314
Norwich , VT 05055
United States
Phone: 802-649-7094
Web: http://www.selamtafamilyproject.org

Selamta Family Project
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Carol welcomes and reassures a new sibling group
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Selamta Family
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Selamta Babies
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Selamta Siblings
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