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Help Libya Rebuild After War

Goal: $10,000
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Following the outbreak of conflict in February 2011, International Medical Corps immediately deployed teams in Libya to provide emergency medical services, train local health workers and deliver vital medicines and supplies. During the war, we delivered a country-wide response, including in eastern Libya, Misurata and Zliten, the Western Mountains, Tripoli, as well as the Egyptian and Tunisian border regions. In sum, we supported 78 health facilities; delivered 95,000+ medical consultations & surgeries; trained 2,500 health workers; and delivered 192+ tons of medicines, supplies, equipment, food, and relief items.

International Medical Corps has remained in Libya since, shifting from emergency services to longer-term projects aimed at eliminating major gaps in health care and restoring health infrastructure. Today, we work with the Libyan health sector to address the primary health, mental health, gender-based violence and rehabilitation needs of a country emerging from war.

Impact of Your Donation

Your donation will support International Medical Corps programming in Libya, which includes lifesaving medical care, psychosocial support, rehabilitation support, gender-based violence and protection programs, and health care training.
Focus Areas: Children, Disaster Relief, Health Countries Served: Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

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