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To an orphaned child, a home at Selamta means stability, security, love, and joy. $1200.00 cares for one Selamta child for an entire year. This includes clothing, food, household maintenance and rent. A home at Selamta also means hope for a brighter future through education. Your gift provides a child with a stellar education at the local private school, Alpha Keryano School. It pays for books, uniforms, supplies, and after-school tutoring to help him or her succeed. Your gift also provides basic medical care and enrichment opportunities, such as soccer program fees, museum trips, and celebrations. Help give a Selamta child the bright future he or she deserves. Amaseganallo! (Thank you)
Donation Amount: $1200.00
Focus Areas: Arts
Gender & Equality
Countries Served: Ethiopia
Type of NGO: UniversalGiving Partner


Selamta Babies
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