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CCD-USA, Inc. (Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities)

Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD) serves differently-abled children in Thailand. CCD's mission is to enable disabled orphans and disabled poor children to develop to their fullest potential and to have a full integration into mainstream society. Organizations from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam have come to CCD trainings and have shared information about how to develop services to the disabled in these countries.

Children, Education, Health, Human Rights, Poverty


Date Founded: 1986
Number of Staff: 63

Description of Services:
CCD's services include: A small residential facility (40 children), four daycare centers (170 children), five communtiy based rehabilitation projects (over 300 children), training for parents , caregivers, teachers and others working with 'children at risk', networking throughout Thailand and neighboring countries to share resources and information to improve outreach to the disabled, help local communties to have better integration of the disabled in schools and public places Our projects provide therapy, education and equipment as needed to each child in our care. Similar organizations from Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos have come to CCD for networking and training.
Starting in 1986 Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD) has consistanly dedicated their time, energy and resources to improve the lives of the poorest of the poor...the abandoned disabled child....'Giving Hope to the Hopeless.' Christian Outreach Relief & Development (CORD), UK was the supporting partner. In 1997 CCD became a registered Thai NGO. In 2004,the first of its kind in Thailand, Rainbow Rehabilitation Center was completed. In recent years two international fundraising arms have been established. 4 Life, UK in 2004 and CCD-USA, Inc. in 2006
Accomplishments & Progress:
Starting with 10 orphaned disabled children in a small house in the community, CCD's outreach today reaches over 400 children. In 2008 CCD has:
* Three daycare centers in the local government home
* Rainbow Rehabilitation Center: facility houses the Rainbow Residence, Rainbow Daycare Center, administrative offices and space for trainings.
* Communtiy Based Rehabilitation (poor disabled children living at home): Provides equipment, therapies, parent training, parent support groups, communtiy awareness training, enables access for children to go to local schools, access to medical care.

Financial Information   Verified
Year 2012 2011 2010
Total Revenue: $14,315 $46,465 $15,577
        Program Services Expenses: $12,395
(79% of total)
(95% of total)
(78% of total)
        Management & General Expenses: $3,381
(21% of total)
(4% of total)
(22% of total)
        Fundraising Expenses: $0
(0% of total)
(1% of total)
(0% of total)
        Total Expenses: $15,776 $45,295 $16,257

Additional Background Information: One of CCD's primary goals is to help the child stay within a family. If the child is living in the local institution we try to find family settings in which they can live. Some have been able to return to birth families, some have come to live at Rainbow House, and some have been adopted.

Approximate Costs: 2008 Budget is $500,000

$1,200 to support one residential child/year
$4,700 to support salary of one physical therepist/year
$3,800 to support salary of one teacher/year

In 2006 87 volunteers came from 19 countries to work with CCD. Both non professional and professional volunteers work with the children, support IT, fundraise and provide administrative support from three weeks to three years. Local Partners: IN THAILAND: Embassy of Japan, British Embassy, Australian Embassy, United Nations Women's Club of Thailand, Thai Oilmen's Group, International Women's Support Group Foundation, Australia New Zealand Women's Group, American Women's Club, British Community Foundation in Thailand for the Needy, Additional Affiliations: TEARfund Netherlands, Tearfund UK, TEAR Australia, Christian Outreach Relief & Development (CORD) UK, Children With Hope Australia, Christian Blind Mission Germany, Hilfe Fuer Brueder Germany, Nice Heart Foundation Japan, Z.Z.O. Foundation, Netherlands, Rotary International, Star Fish Trust UK, 4 Life UK

Robert Bunker
President Phone: (410) 313 8055
Development Director:
Michon Semon
Executive Director
Phone: (410) 531 2896
Volunteer Coordinator:
Yen Liao
Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 571-268-1363
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors:
Robert Bunker, CCD-USA, Inc. President
MedStar Assistent Vice President

Yen Liao, Secretary & Volunteer Coordinator
R&D Design Engineer, CardiAQ Valve Technologies, Inc. & former CCD volunteer

Doctor Ruth Hughes,Treasurer
Deputy Director CHADD
(Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity, Inc.)

Dave Trabilsy
John Hopkins Universtiy Educational Consultant

Dennis D'Adamo

Barbara Frederick, Advisor & Communications Officer

PO Box 412
Clarksville , MD 21029
United States
Phone: (443) 983-3363
Fax: (410) 381-8492
Web: http://www.ccdthailand.org

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