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Supercharge Education Through Computers in Schools

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It is estimated that 80% of the African population does not have regular access to computers. Youth unemployment in Africa is five times the global rate, and 60 percent of those aged 15 to 24 have no jobs.

Technology plays a huge role in empowering individuals to build more secure and stable futures through access to information. Access to computers opens up a new world of learning and self-development.

We provide computers to schools to help children, youths and young adults become productively engaged and better qualified to obtain jobs in our computer-enabled society. Learning opportunities through access to computers helps them prepare for successful employment.

YOU can help provide computers for African youth so that they can gain technological skills to obtain jobs. Your donation will help level the playing field for disadvantaged individuals in Africa and position them to better contribute to the development of their countries.
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Sierra Leone
Tanzania, United Republic of

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