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Bring Emergency Medical Care to Japan

Goal: $10,000
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Japan's 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami destroyed countless homes and livelihoods and killed more than 15,600 people. A damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture put locals at serious risk of radiation, forcing thousands to evacuate for temporary shelters. Most have not been able to return home. Countless survivors remain without their homes, possessions, and sources of income. Many are also enduring long-term emotional consequences.

International Medical Corps was on the ground in 48 hours delivering critical relief and supplies to 20,000 people in Japan?s evacuation centers. We have stayed in Japan since, delivering vital mental health care and partnering with local Japanese organizations to respond to the longer-term needs of underserved communities affected by the disaster.

Impact of Your Donation

Your contribution will support International Medical Corps' work to help Japan rebuild by providing mental health care, building community centers and playgrounds for evacuees, conducting vocational training, and more. We partner with local organizations to bring host and evacuee communities together to engage in community-building and support one another.
Focus Areas: Disaster Relief Countries Served: Japan

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