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Benetech, a Silicon Valley nonprofit, combines the power of the human mind with a deep passion for social improvement. We create innovative technology solutions and services that address unmet needs, creating lasting impact in the areas of education, human rights, and the environment.

Children, Technology, Education, Environment, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution

All 17 countries:
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Date Founded: 1989
Number of Staff: 56

Description of Services:
Our programs are transforming the lives of tens of thousands of individuals and families, every single day. These programs include:

* Bookshare: For students and others with vision and print disabilities, we have built the world's largest online library of accessible books.

* Human Rights: We provide science and information technology to human rights defenders, strengthening their pursuit of justice.

*Miradi: A user-friendly tool that empowers conservationists to share information and more effectively meet their goals by implementing standardized best practices in environmental project management.

* Route 66 Literacy: A web-based program that enables anyone who is literate to help teenagers and adults learn to read and write.
Benetech's predecessor organization, Arkenstone, was founded in 1989 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing reading tools for people with visual and learning disabilities. For over a decade, Arkenstone served over 35,000 individuals in 60 countries in 12 languages, helping visually impaired people worldwide to live and work independently. The sale of the Arkenstone in 2000 provided the initial capital to launch Benetech. The vision of Benetech's founder, Jim Fruchterman, was to create a multitude of sustainable projects to serve humanity. This broader vision has enabled Jim and Benetech to expand their social impact beyond the disability field into areas such as human rights, literacy, and the environment.
Accomplishments & Progress:
* Bookshare - The world's largest online library of accessible digital books, newspapers, and periodicals. With over 140,000 accessible titles and more than 200,000 members, Bookshare provides equal opportunity to access quality education. In 2007, we launched Bookshare International, which now provides accessible books and publications to members in more than 30 countries and partners with organizations that are reaching out to readers with print disabilities in their home countries.

6 Foundation Affiliations
Foundation Name Year Funded Verification Status
Hewlett Foundation 2006 Verified
MacArthur Foundation 2012 Waiting Verification
Packard Foundation 2006 Waiting Verification
Open Society Institute and Soros Foundations Network 2012 Waiting Verification
Silicon Valley Community Foundation 2012 Waiting Verification
Omidyar Network 2005 Waiting Verification
Financial Information   Verified
Year 2012 2011 2010
Total Revenue: $12,573,780 $10,117,818 $8,863,704
        Program Services Expenses: $10,335,468
(87% of total)
(88% of total)
(84% of total)
        Management & General Expenses: $1,514,290
(13% of total)
(12% of total)
(10% of total)
        Fundraising Expenses: $30,109
(0% of total)
(0% of total)
(7% of total)
        Total Expenses: $11,879,867 $10,331,247 $9,992,563

Additional Background Information:
* Social Coding for Good - a web-based clearinghouse that connects product developers interested in volunteering their skills with nonprofits, social enterprises, and governmental agencies that are creating open source software solutions for positive social change.

* Martus - Our free, open source, secure information management software that helps human rights defenders electronically gather, safeguard, and organize vital information about violations.

* Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG) - Builds tailored technology solutions and performs rigorous statistical analysis for human rights projects used by truth commissions, advocates & NGOs in 20+ countries.

* Miradi - Launched in March 2008 and now has over 5,000 users in more than 100 countries around the world. It has received considerable attention from the global conservation community as it helps practitioners design and manage their conservation projects. Local Partners: Human rights NGOs in various countries Additional Affiliations: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), The Asia Foundation, the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Fahamu, Freedom House, Human Rights Education Associates, Human Rights Watch, Kabissa, Mississippi Consortium for International Development, Ninthbridge, Pact.

James Fruchterman
President & CEO Phone: (650) 644-3400
Development Director:
Aaron Firestone
Director of Business Development
Phone: (650) 644-3400
Volunteer Coordinator:
Madeleine Linares
Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (650) 644-3400
Board of Directors and Board of Advisors:
G. Gervaise Davis, III, Esq., Davis & Schroeder, founding principal (retired)
James Kleckner, Value Monitoring, Inc., CTO
J. Leighton Read, M.D., Alloy Ventures, General Partner
James R. Fruchterman, Benetech, President and CEO
Brian Behlendorf, CollabNet, Director
Christy Chin, TPW West/Alumni Network
Robert Wexler, Adler & Colvin, Principal

480 S. California Ave., Suite 201
Palo Alto , CA 94306-1609
United States
Phone: (650) 644-3400
Fax: (650) 475-1066
Web: http://www.benetech.org

A Bookshare.org member reads his newspaper on a portable Braille device.
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Sri Lankan NGO working with Martus and the Benetech Human Rights Team.
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A Bookshare user
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Ytre Hvaler National Park, Norway, which uses Miradi to improve environmental planning
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