Fast Company


Fast Company is one of the world’s foremost business magazines, focusing on business, technology, design and leadership, with content from today’s top leaders.  UniversalGiving’s CEO, Pamela Hawley, has been selected as an Expert Blogger on CSR for Fast Company.  She regularly contributes articles on the subjects of Corporate Social Responsibility, entrepreneurship and leadership.


The Christian Science Monitor


UniversalGiving is partnering with The Christian Science Monitor to combine excellence in journalism with excellence in taking action. The Christian Science Monitor features a weekly story for its “People Making a Difference” series, highlighting an individual and his or her cause. UniversalGiving provides related ways for people to donate and volunteer, inspiring readers to find quality ways to make a difference themselves. Learn more about our partnership.  UniversalGiving also contributes articles to CSM’s Change Agent Blog.

The partnership between The Christian Science Monitor and UniversalGiving is based on shared values. CSM is committed to the highest standards of integrity in reporting global news, while UniversalGiving is committed to vetting the top-performing, trusted organizations all over the world through our proprietary Quality Model™.

UniversalGiving™ has pioneered this new concept of Community Based Journalism. Community Based Journalism is a way for media organizations to become more involved with their global communities, thereby engaging more readers with their journal, the world and their community.


Catalytic Women


Catalytic Women helps busy professionals align money and values. Their mission is to make giving and social impact investing easy and accessible at any dollar level. Through events, education and online giving circles, Catalytic Women connects individuals to platforms for giving and investing, to communities of experts and other donors, and to recommended nonprofits and social enterprises.

Through the Catalytic Women and UniversalGiving NGO Quality Vetting Service Partnership, we work together towards our mutual goal of inspiring more people to give and volunteer. We leverage your unique personal interests and resources for social impact.


New Resource Bank


New Resource Bank is the bank for people who are leading the way to a more sustainable world. They match an entrepreneurial spirit with a dedication to achieving environmental, social as well as financial returns. Their mission is to advance sustainability with everything they do—the loans they make, the way they operate, and their commitment to putting deposits to work for good.  UniversalGiving is proud to be a client!

A group of entrepreneurs, bankers and business leaders founded New Resource Bank in 2006 with a vision of bringing new resources to sustainable businesses and ultimately creating more sustainable communities.  They see banking as not just a service: it’s a way to create a better world by building a network of businesses, non-profits and individuals seeking more sustainable ways to live.




ASPIRE is the practical approach to radical wellbeing.  Their programs ignite a sense of purpose and meaning by enhancing the physical and financial lives of participants, while providing tools to improve relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and local and global communities.  UniversalGiving’s CEO Pamela Hawley is a speaker for ASPIRE’s programs, and our volunteer opportunities provide quality ways to seek meaning by engaging the community.

Custom-designed for busy professionals looking to integrate more health and happiness into their lives, and for rockstar companies who need to engage their employees in a comprehensive approach to greater productivity, enhanced teamwork, and lower attrition - ASPIRE programs are backed by neuroscientific practices, created by the country's most sought after workshop leaders, and wrapped around volunteer opps vetted by UniversalGiving.


Link TV


Link TV provides global videos that address the issues affecting our world today.  Link TV partners with UniversalGiving, which provides vetted giving and volunteering opportunities relevant to each video. This partnership educates viewers and inspires them to take action.

Link Media owns and operates Link TV and www.linktv.org. Link TV provides international programming to the U.S. audience over satellite television (DIRECTV Ch. 375; DISH Ch. 9410) and worldwide over the web. They broadcast on critical humanitarian issues, including human rights, poverty, religious and ethnic conflict, and environmental protection. Link TV fosters an appreciation of diversity, addressing the complex issues facing our world.


No More Poverty


No More Poverty works to assist in the global crisis of poverty by providing charities that focus in this area with much-needed direct support--including UniversalGiving.  The efforts of No More Poverty have expanded beyond just direct support and include increased awareness for charities they have partnered with, opportunities for new organizations and causes to apply for grants, and partnering with nonprofits and governments of developing nations to provide medical missions.


Bright Funds


UniversalGiving has become a vetting partner for Bright Funds.  This innovative site provides tailored "Bright Funds Impact Portfolios," bringing together top nonprofits working on your cause of choice.  UniversalGiving's unique vetting process gives an additional layer of assurance for Bright Funds users.




Helium is an exciting innovation in journalism, inviting the community to write articles on a wide range of topics.  UniversalGiving is collaborating with Helium and GlobalPost for a writing contest centered on social issues.

Helium has a community of more than 100,000 writers sharing on topics ranging from politics, to do-it-yourself ideas, to parenting advice, to fashion tips, to recipes and more.  Writers can also edit and rate other articles, creating a collaborative, interactive way to learn and share about the world.




GlobalPost focuses on the top news from around the world, covering the international stories that many traditional media in the U.S. no longer have the resources to write about.  UniversalGiving has partnered with GlobalPost and Helium for a writing contest, inviting people to contribute articles centered on the social issues covered in GlobalPost’s Special Reports, which look in-depth at pressing issues around the globe.


The Hoop Fund


The Hoop’s mission is to create a more connected marketplace, building links between consumers and the people who created the products they buy.  UniversalGiving has provided volunteer opportunities to The Hoop, so that their users can explore options to volunteer in the places they’re buying products from.

The Hoop partners with entrepreneurs, artisans, and farmers, and invites the people who buy their products to help fund their work.  The Hoop gives you two choices: you can directly fund a microloan to a project of your choice, or you can buy a bundle that combines a great product for you, and a microloan for the person who made it.  It’s an innovative way to help us all think about where the products we buy came from!


All for Good


Founded by Google, Craigslist and other top organizations, All for Good is an aggregate site for volunteering opportunities.  UniversalGiving is a long-time partner of All for Good, providing our volunteering opportunities as part of its database. All for Good is used by the United States government for its volunteering website, Serve.gov, which has been promoted by President and Mrs. Obama.




Splashlife brings together young Americans, giving them the inspiration and opportunities to get involved in their communities.  UniversalGiving partners with Splashlife by providing our volunteer opportunities, giving Splashlife’s community ways to take action around the world.  Splashlife is working with young leaders to help them create a better tomorrow, and UniversalGiving is pleased to offer our resources towards that goal.



CSRwire is the world’s number one resource for Corporate Social Responsibility news. UniversalGiving and CSRwire are working closely to encourage and educate about CSR best practices. Look for contributions by UniversalGiving Founder and CEO, Pamela Hawley.

CSRwire serves as a hub for an influential community of CSR and sustainability enthusiasts. Working with its CSR Member community, CSRwire promotes the growth of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability through solutions-based information and positive examples of corporate practices.


Yonas Media


Yonas Media is an independent production company, launching innovative musicians.  As Yonas Media’s national partner, UniversalGiving facilitated donations to their local participating nonprofits during the Healing the Nation musical tour, which engaged young people in more than 30 cities.  Audiences were directed to the splashpage UniversalGiving created for Yonas Media, featuring tour information and links to the partner nonprofits on UniversalGiving’s site.


The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute


UniversalGiving has partnered with the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute (formerly Leader to Leader) to promote its important mission to strengthen the leadership of the social sector.  UniversalGiving has been featured as an Innovation of the Week.  Established in 1990 as the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, the Institute furthers its mission by providing social sector leaders with essential leadership wisdom, inspiration, and resources to lead for innovation and to build vibrant organizations. 


Clodagh Cares


Clodagh is an award-winning designer and best-selling author who believes passionately in helping people help themselves. With Clodagh Cares, she has sharpened her focus to bring the power of education to children in the most destitute and remote places on earth. UniversalGiving supports Clodagh Cares by providing a platform for donations.  Clodagh Cares is dedicated to alleviating poverty by giving impoverished families the tools they need to thrive. 


The Inter-American Development Bank


The Inter-American Development Bank provides solutions to development challenges in 26 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, partnering with governments, companies and civil society organizations. IDB and UniversalGiving are partnering to launch South America and scale social engagement and volunteerism in the region through technology.

UniversalGiving founder and CEO Pamela Hawley had an interview with the Bank's president about giving, volunteering, community, and helping NGOs find necessary funding.




DoSomething is designed to motivate teenagers to get involved by using the power of the Internet.  UniversalGiving has been a provider of volunteer opportunities for DoSomething’s database.  A search on DoSomething’s website will display action opportunities, based on cause, who you hope to work with (alone, family, sports team…), where you want to work (online, at school, at home…) and how long you want to spend–from one minute to a year. 


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