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UniversalGiving is committed to uplifting world communities by channeling needed resources (donations and volunteers) to you! And our service is FREE!  


Why Registering is Valuable for You!

1.  UniversalGiving values your expertise.
  We are committed to maintaining a personalized, long-term relationship with each of our partners. This relationship provides you (the NGO) with the support you need to ensure your profile is detailed, accurate and up-to-date. These in-depth profiles, bolstered by our Quality Model™ and Quality Affiliation Model™, effectively educate potential donors and volunteers of your efforts and needs.
2.  UniversalGiving is a free service and 100% of donations go directly to you!
  Your success is our success. We do not take a cut!
3.  UniversalGiving is interested in results.
  Each registered NGO has a personal account with online reporting capabilities. You can track your specific UniversalGiving giving and volunteering activity. These tools give you ownership of your volunteer and donor pools and the capability to grow and develop as needed.
4.  UniversalGiving connects you to a network of giving resources.
  Through conferences, regular newsletters, and speaking engagements, UniversalGiving promotes our giving marketplace widely and effectively. In addition to our public site, UniversalGiving promotes NGOs through a corporate service, designed to meet the needs of corporations' international giving and volunteering programs.

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